Protect Your Perishable Inventory

You'll need a commercial refrigeration installation in Everett or Johnstown, PA

Keeping food and drinks cool is important to any business in the service industry. If you need a commercial refrigeration installation in Everett or Johnstown, PA, you can count on Waltower Enterprises, Inc. Our team has years of experience and can handle your installation efficiently. Plus, we offer financing through Payzer.
Does your current system need commercial refrigeration repair? There's no need to worry. We'll take care of that, too. We can identify the cause of the issue and suggest the proper commercial refrigeration repair or replacement service.
Consult a commercial refrigeration installation and repair pro in Everett, PA today.

Please Note: Waltower Enterprises does not offer residential refrigeration services.

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Make a custom maintenance plan

Different businesses have different refrigeration needs. You want to make sure that your system keeps working, no matter what type of space you own. We can create custom commercial refrigeration maintenance plans for:

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Don't let your business suffer because of poor refrigeration. Discuss commercial refrigeration maintenance plans with us now by calling 814-652-9221.